The Men’s Gift Giving Guide For Those Early Days In A New Relationship

Giving gifts is a difficult task at the best of times, but when you’re in a relationship it becomes even more difficult. If you’ve just started dating a girl and her birthday is on the horizon, or if you’re staring into the tinsel-emblazoned heart of the holiday season, giving a gift can often be unavoidable. The mistake a lot of men make is to fall back on a tried-and-tested gift too early in the relationship. Buying jewellery for another person should be meaningful, so don’t sully this gesture in the early days of a relationship just because you are struggling for ideas.

If you find yourself with a date and discover that it is her birthday soon, or if you end up with a last-minute date on Valentine’s Day, the only acceptable gift is flowers. You just met this person and you couldn’t possibly know enough about them to be able to buy a gift. Not to mention, it’s way too soon to be spending more than it costs to pick up a mid-range bunch of flowers. Don’t have them delivered to her work, simply bring them along when you pick her up for the date.

While you might think it’s a fun and goofy gesture to give a gift at this stage, you will more likely come across as desperate. Even if the relationship keeps going past the first date, you will then have set a precedent for being excessively generous. If you give an expensive gift on the first date but then buy her some generic chocolates on her birthday, she will be wondering if the gift from your first date was even meant for her.

It can be difficult to find a gift that is meaningful at this stage, so instead you should show your generosity through gifts that are universally loved. If you are left searching for a birthday or Christmas gift in the early stages, you could always fall back on giving tickets as a gift. You are essentially giving them another date as a gift, but it allows you to put something inside a card. Just don’t buy tickets for anything more than one month in advance, as this will look presumptuous and might give the wrong impressive. Strike a balance between impersonal and generous to ensure your relationship keeps going on the right path.

And finally, unless it’s her birthday or Christmas, don’t even think about buying a gift unless you are confident the relationship is going somewhere. If you’ve just met and she tells you she just got a promotion at work, congratulate her and move on. You don’t know her well enough to mark this occasion yet. Save brands such as Thomas Sabo for further along in your relationship!