How to Pick Perfume as a Gift


The holidays are almost here, and you better start your holiday shopping before everyone else does. If you’re out of gift ideas, you may consider giving them perfume instead. However, the usual problem encountered with it is there’s a chance that it’d just accumulate dust with all the other unused fragrances.

For sure, you’ve probably experienced receiving an expensive scent that you never bothered to wear. True, there are popular perfumes that many people have fallen in love with, but that doesn’t mean you should go for that right away. The same way, you shouldn’t grab the bottle just because of its big price tag.

If you want the receiver to actually use the perfume you’re going to get, check out these tips below!

Know the Person’s Interests

If the person’s family or someone close to you, you really don’t have to do the guesswork on this one. Just think of the brand or the smell they like. This could include testing the scent yourself or even doing some detective work. Maybe you can pretend that you forgot your perfume at home. That way, you’d know from what design house it is from. Pretty sneaky, right? If you figure yourself a bad liar, going for something that smells similar is your best bet.

Learn How He or She Uses Perfume

The point of giving something, no matter what it is, is having it used and loved. Sure, you managed to get a perfume that suits their taste. But how sure are you that they’re going to use it? If the recipient’s a bartender, maybe you should think twice about gifting a perfume for daytime wear. At the same time, make sure the gift is appropriate. You don’t want to give a scent for romantic wear to your parents.

Test in Moderation

For you to function well, you mustn’t be overwhelmed by so many scents. Thus, it’s recommended that you take a break from time to time. The last thing you want to happen is to murder your olfactory sense. How else are you going to pick properly pick a perfume, then? Since a fragrance usually takes 30 minutes to develop, you might want to let it sit for a little while too.

Or Just Let Them Pick One Themselves

Perfumes are usually associated with adulthood. Since the recipients aren’t so much thrilled by surprises and opening gifts anymore, why not just ask them? This is the 100 percent sure way that they’re actually going to use the scent. While part of why people appreciate great gifts is the thought behind it, they’d probably understand that you just don’t want to end up gifting something they don’t like. Besides, in the event that you get the wrong one, what would that say about how much you care for them? If you’re really unsure about what to give, just ask them what they want.

Whatever you have decided to do, there’s no doubt that you’ll get what you’re looking for with Heavenly Scents Perfumes. Their wide range of perfume collection is definitely enough for anyone to get a scent they’d find heavenly!