Guidelines to Ask Trans Person Some Curiosity Questions

Guidelines to Ask Trans Person Some Curiosity Questions

A transgender trigger plenty of curiosity because they are atypical. Students learn about gender and sex but there is nothing said about sex/gender variance. Therefore, the majority of the masses are uneducated when it is the subject of Tran’s issues. When you meet a person with Tran’s status, you feel it is a good opportunity to learn. Remember, a Tran’s woman is not a textbook.

When you are interested in a Trans escort certain questions are off-limits. You can only ask questions if she invites you to share her Tran’s issues. It is good to be open with a Transgender but never expects the same from her. The  shemale in Paris  will be hesitant in answering questions associated with their transition because they feel you are using them as an educational resource.

Guidelines to ask Trans Person some curiosity questions

Request to ask questions

Even if you are aware that they are comfortable in answering your queries, they may not be in a specific setting. It is rude and can turn them off. If you feel the urge to simply say, ‘I am a little curious about your transition and wish to ask you some questions—feel free to say no or not answer?

Stay away from personal and private questions

Nobody will discuss their sex life with anyone. If you desire to know about sex and Trans women generally ask, ‘Are all the trans women stone butch in the bed?’ versus ‘Are you a stone butch in the bed?’ See the HUGE difference.

Avoid challenging questions

Questions that challenge their gender identity or sexual orientation can cause dysphoria [depression issue]. For example, ‘Will you ever look your age?’ This sounds terrible! Instead, you can ask ‘are you comfy with your hand’s size’ or ‘when will you grow to an average male height’.

Phrase questions that confirm a Trans person’s sex

Avoid questions that define the Trans woman in who they were once. Rather than asking if they are legally female, you can phrase the question like ‘What are the steps to become a legal male and have you concluded them.’

Never compare a Trans with non-trans

Avoid using the word ‘real’, when you distinguish a Trans and non-trans person. Say non-trans or cis to signify a non-transgender status.

Never ask their birth name

Birth names are something a transgender person will want to be away from. It is an offensive question when you phrase it like, ‘What’s your REAL name’. Moreover, why do you want to know their birth name in the first place?

Be aware of the surrounding

These are conversations, which need to be avoided in a crowded place. Tran’s chats are private conversations.

Monitor the person’s comfort level when you chat

If she approves you to ask questions it is good but the moment you detect she is feeling uncomfortable in discussing stuff, don’t pressurize. Change the subject and be appreciative of the amount of information you gained.

Respect her privacy

The Trans conversation was personal. She openly shared with you. It does not mean you have to share it with the world.

Always be aware of your phrasing and never get defensive when the Trans person got offended with something you said. Do appreciate their special status!